author guidelines

1. Systematic writing:

    1. First part: title, authors, abstract
    2. Main part: Introduction, Research methods, Results, Conclusion
    3. Ending part: acknowledgment (if any), symbols description (if any), and references
2. Title and authors:
    1. Title is written by capital words (Title Case/Capital Each Word), bold, with font of Time New Roman 16, singlespace and center text.
    2. Authors name placed under the title and written without degree. It starts with capital word (avoid to use by before the authors name). Author sequence is first author then followed by second author etc
    3. Institution address and email written under authors name with font of Times New Roman 12.
3. Abstract
    1. Abstract written in Indonesian and English (ABSTRAK in indonesia and ABSTRACT in english) with Bold, which contains introduction, research objectives, research method, Results and Discussion, Conclusion
    2. The maximum words in abstract is no more than 300 words, and written with single space
    1. Justify text with font of Time New Roman 10.
    2. The abstract using format structured abstract
          1) Background
           2) Objectives
            3) Methods
            4) Results
            5) Conclusion
    3. Every section has to write in bold
    4. Keywords consist 3 to 5 words, the word of Keywords also has to write in bold.
4. General rules of publication manuscript
    1. Every section in manuscript is written with font of Time New Roman 12, using capital words and bold
    2. First sentence in new paragraph is written with indent-first line 1,15 cm, and there are no space between paragraphs
    3. Content of manuscript is written with font of Time New Roman 12 without using bold
    4. Words from foreign language is written italic
    5. Every numeral words have to written in number, except in the beginning of paragraph and intregers      that less than ten
    6. Tables and pictures must have clear desription and serial number. Numbering use center text format and placed above the table and for picture, it placed below.
    7. The article contains a maximum of 10 pages
Reference format using  IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Referencing Standard system. All literature that put in references must contain in manuscript. Literatures prefered from the last 10 years from currently year, minimum have 10 references (80% primary source ex: journal, proceeding)
           1. Books
           {Author}, {Judul Buku}, {#}th ed. {Kota Penerbit}, {Penerbit}, {Tahun}.

           2. Journal Articles
           {Author}, “{Judul Jurnal}”, {Nama Jurnal}, vol. {#}, no. {#}, pp. {#}-{#}, {Bulan}, {tahun}.

           3. Conference Proceedings
    First author, second author etc. (Last name, first name abbreviated) publication year. Title. Name of conference. Date of conference. Place/City. Country.Page. Example: Michael, R. (2011). Integrating innovation into enterprise architecture management. Proceeding on Tenth International Conference on Wirt-schafts Informatik. 16-18 February 2011, Zurich, Swis. Hal. 776-786.
           4. Essay, Thesis and Dissertation
           {Author}, “{Judul Thesis}”, {Gelar} thesis, {fakultas/jurusan/departemem}, {Universitas}, {Kota asal                     Universitas}, {Tahun}.

           5. Website
    Authors. year. Title. Judul. Uniform Resources Locator (URL). Date of accessed. Example: WHO (2011). Global Tuberkulosis Control 2011. Available from: Diakses tanggal 12 Juni 2013.

For Submission the article, author can see the steps in this tutorial submission